Special Nutrients

Special Nutrients

Energy & Memory Boost with Ginkgo

FACT: Chronic stress has been shown to impair memory, however the extent of impairment varies between individuals1


Life in Focus™ Energy & Memory Boost with Ginkgo is a specialised herbal formula to support:

  • Mental Clarity & Mood Balance
  • Healthy Brain Function

Energy & Memory Boost with Ginkgo may provide support during times of
short-term and intense overwork (which includes symptoms of irritability, fatigue, poor appetite, headaches, and sleep disturbances) and support increasing the retention of newly learned information.

Who to recommend Energy & Memory Boost with Ginkgo to?

  • The elderly to improve recall and enhance memory2;
  • ​People with busy lifestyles to help the body cope with stress3-6;
  • Professionals to increase work performance and reduce the short term effects of overwork6;
  • Students to reduce fatigue associated with study4, 5; or
  • Men and women to reduce fatigue and increase physical endurance7, 8.


Each gelatin capsule contains:



Ginkgo biloba (ginkgo) ext. equiv. dry leaf [standardised to not less than 29 mg ginkgo

6 g

Has a medicinal role in circulation, neurotransmitter function and antioxidant protection9.

Bacopa monnieri (bacopa) ext. equiv. dry leaf [standardised to not less than 60 mg bacosides]

6 g

Helps retain newly learned information and improves the speed at which visual information is processed2, 10.

Rhodiola rosea (rhodiola) ext. equiv. dry root [standardised to not less than 2 mg salidrosides and 6 mg rosavin]

2.4 g

Rhodiola helps improve cognition, decrease stress related fatigue, enhances endurance and physical work capacity4, 5, 7. Can help reduce side effects associated with  stressful periods6.



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